episdoe 92final

Episode 92 – Baitor Gator and the Poople Purdle

In this episode, Bonk, Shnazzy, Silvermech, and new guest Kim join us to discuss babified-versions of cartoons. Ya know, because nothing screams Thanksgiving like lazy cartoons ideas created just to sell merchandise to as wide a consumer base as possible….

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Spoilercast #3: Rick and Morty(?)

In this episode of The Spoilercast, Bonk, Silvermech, Eric, and Pixie join us to discuss Rick and Morty. Kinda. There’s also a brief chat about killer birds, foreign cartoons, and the Gilmore Girls. Keyword brief. Warning: Spoilers for all of…

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Episode 91 – The 13 Fruits of Scooby-Doo

To help us celebrate Halloween, Bonk, Silvermech, Shnazzy, and Eric join us to discuss the multitude of Scooby-Doo shows that have graced our TV screens for almost 50 years. From the original show, to Be Cool, Scooby Doo!, we cover…

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Episode 90 – The Ugly, the Ugly, and the Ugly

In this episode, a whole bunch of people join us to discuss the ugliest artstyles in animation we could find. Warning, the shows mentioned in this episode are all grisly, grotesque, hideous, horrid, unseemly, and many other synonyms for ugly….

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Spoilercast #2: Steven Universe

In what can only be described as yet another “high quality” episode, a whole buncha people join us to discuss seasons 1 and 2 of Steven Universe. So chill with us a bit, as we discuss topics of love, hate,…

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Episode 89 – Chum on a Stick on a Stick

In this episode, Bonk, Silvermech, and Pixie to talk about delicious, delectable treats found in animation. So grab a snack and listen as we chat about rainbow colored hamburgers, hamburgers soaked in sea water, puntastic hamburgers, and even some regular ones….

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Episode 88 – Wubba Lubba Sob Sob

In this episode, Bonk, Shnazzy, Eric and Silvermech join us to discuss the saddest cartoon episodes of all time. There is no happiness, only sadness. We relive the depressing tales of Seymour the dog, Orel’s camping trip, Rose’s time with…

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Episode 87 – Money Talks (about cartoons!)

In this episode, Bonk, Shnazzy and Eric join us to discuss the upper class of the animated world. Dive into our pool of filthy money and drown yourself in the wealth of cartoon children, ducks, batmen, and of course –…

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Episode 86 – YouTube Snoop

In this episode, Bonk and Silvermech join us to discuss YouTube animators. And by discuss, I mean prattle on about nostalgic shorts we watched in the “good-old-days” of the internet. Back when someone had to wait 20 minutes to watch…

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Spoilercast #1: Gravity Falls

In our first ever Spoilercast episode, Tristan, Bonk, and Eric all huddle ’round the campfire to discuss the most hip-happenin’ cartoon on TV, Gravity Falls. Somewhere within all the talk of fan-fics, waifus, and sound effects is an in-depth discussion…

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