TCS ep6

Episode 6 – Toon Fortress: Meet the Community

This episode includes talk about Team Fortress 2, Valve and Adult Swim’s collaboration and most importantly its all about meeting our listeners. You guys are good fans, thank you all for your responses this week! Nice to meet you. We…

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TCS ep5

Episode 5 – Toony Robots, Radio Beams, Psychonauts Invaded Our Dreams

In this episode we sit down and chat about video games with artistic merits. Topics include steam powered hippos, rebel radio dj’s, journeys, and phallic weaponry. Hosts: Joe Wilson Tristan Reinecke Music: Intro: Bankshot by Operation Ivy Break: Brushers Patrol by…

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TCS ep4

Episode 4 – The Father, Son and Holy Space Ghost

  This episode is all about [adult swim] in its entirety. Join us as we discuss our favorite adult swim shows and the direction in quality they’ve taken. We then end answering questions from the cast’s only listener. Hosts: Joe Wilson…

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TCS ep3

Episode 3 – The Brave Little Hosters

In this episode we discuss cartoons and movies from our childhoods, explain types of fish, and Tristan shows us just how “deep and dark” The Brave Little Toaster is. (hint: he thinks it’s deep and dark). Hosts: Joe Wilson Tristan…

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TCS ep2

Episode 2- Ba Sing Se a Song

In this episode, we discuss Avatar: The Last Airbender, tear apart the M Night Shyamalan movie and Pixie joins us as a special host as we discuss bending. Hosts: Joe Wilson Tristan Reinecke Pixie Music: Intro: Bankshot by Operation Ivy…

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Episode 1 – Piloting A Pilot Pilot

In our very first episode we discuss cartoon pilots, first episodes and the state of the current networks. Hosts: Joe Wilson Tristan Reinecke Music: Intro: Bankshot by Operation Ivy Break: Catgroove by Parov Stelar Outro: Ether by Gang of Four

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