Episode 105 – Eye Sounds

Feast your ears upon our episode all about animated music videos! We cover some popular music vids by artists such as Caravan Palace, Gorillaz, Blur, Studio Killers and many more! Feel free to check out the videos mentioned in this episode through the list below.

Joe Wilson

Intro: Bankshot by Operation Ivy
Break: Song 2 by Blur
Outro: Daft Mouth by Neil Cicierega

Music videos from this episode (youtube links):

Studio Killers – Jenny

Caravan Palace – Lone Digger

Caravan Palace – Wonderland

Mystery Skulls – Ghost

Blur – Ong Ong

Stuck In The Sound – Let’s Go

Cazette – She Wants Me Dead

Kultur Shock – Country Muhammed

Fever The Ghost – SOURCE

Gotye – State of The Art

C2C – Delta

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.

Flobots – Handlebars

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