Episode 87 – Money Talks (about cartoons!)

In this episode, Bonk, Shnazzy and Eric join us to discuss the upper class of the animated world. Dive into our pool of filthy money and drown yourself in the wealth of cartoon children, ducks, batmen, and of course – cranky old men.

Joseph K. Redenbacher III (Joe Wilson)
McBlundersnatch II (Tristan Reinecke)
Lord Booge McBuck Baron Von Countenstien (Bonk)
ShnazzyOne Captain of Industry (Shnazzy)
Emperor Ericson The Dark Demon of Dark Shnagook’nLightbulb (Eric)

Intro: Bankshot by Operation Ivy
Break: Glamorous by Fergie
Outro: Dragonball Z opening theme (Japanese)

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