Episode 60 – A Plague of Villians

ep60art300x300In this episode, Bonk and eventually Shnazzy join us to discuss some of the greatest villains in the medium of animation. We also talk about some news. And news. With a little dash of news.

There’s a lot of news.

Joe Wilson
Tristan Reinecke

Intro: Bankshot by Operation Ivy
Break: Coraline “End Credits” by Bruno Coulais
Outro: Friends on the Other Side by Randy Newman

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More Recording Shinenaigans

Well, we just got done recording episode 60, and lo and behold, the episode was once again lost. Having one recording lost was bad enough, but we chalked it up to a one-in-a-million error with the software and didn’t think too much of it. Having lost two episodes, especially in such a relatively short time frame (just 5 episodes) is a serious issue. Now that we’re biweekly, and only have two episodes a month, we cannot have one of those two suddenly die on us. It’s a waste of our time, and it’s a disservice to you the listener.

As a result of these recent recording failures, we are currently looking into getting new software for the episodes to ensure that they are not randomly corrupted. Unfortunately, due to Skype’s new stance on not allowing 3rd party programs to interact with their service, finding a reliable software is tricky. We will do all that we can to find one as soon as possible, but that make take some time. It’s crappy to ask you all to again wait for more episodes, but we want to ensure that we can release new episodes regularly and without the worry that they might be randomly gone.

Thank you for standing by us, and we will make sure to keep you posted on the state of affairs on a later date.

Tristan Reinecke