Episode 57 – Sarcastocast

ep57art300x300In this episode, Bonk and Silvermech join us to make up for lost time as we (again) discuss 2013. Tristan finally gets a good soundboard, Joe’s the only one to realize Furby’s exist, and Bonk’s a bit bored of the whole thing.

Joe Wilson
Tristan Reinecke


Intro: Bankshot by Operation Ivy
Break: Swucca Chust by Gramatik
Outro: San Francisco by Foxygen

RIP Episode 56

ep56art300x300Well, through some computer shenanigans, the recording of episode 56 got permanently corrupted and is flouting somewhere in the far reaches of the interwebs.




(Play video for dramatic effect)

In short, there’s no episode 56. What a great start to 2014.

The episode WAS a synopsis of the year 2013 and everything that we thought about it. Bonk and Shnazzy joined us for the celebrations, and it was a lot of fun. Not like any of that matters now though.

We’ll have a quick summation of our thoughts on 2013 in the next episode to make up for the missing one, as well as our hopes for the upcoming year.

RIP episode 56, we’ll never forget you