Episode 110 – Drinks for Drunks

In this episode, the crew comes together to drink, be merry, and celebrate the most famous drunks in animation. No I don’t have a problem, I can stop whenever I want. Hosts: Joe Wilson Tristan Reinecke Bonk Shnazzy Silvermech Pixie…

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Spoilercast #5: Samurai Jack

Jack is back and ready to be spoiled! We discuss the new season and story conclusion of the foolish Samurai. We also have an abrupt pizza discussion that gets heated. This episode has it all! **THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SLOPPY JACKS…

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Episode 109 – Tickles for Torture

Hi listeners! You’re in for a very special treat this episode! We had another fanfic read-off of the most hilarious and nasty stories we could find. Please excuse the incredibly long stories by Shnazzy and Pixie, the edits should help…

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Episode 108 – A Minion A Minute

In this episode we cover animation’s most loyal henchman, lackeys and minions. A bunch of hosts join us today to rate these henchmen on their performances. Be weAry though, No plAce is safe from aNother minions attAck! Hosts: Joe Wilson Bonk…

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Episode 107 – These Reboots Were Made for Dragon Walking

Welcome to this episode all about reboots and remakes from the last couple years. We get to experience reiterations of our favorite things such as, cartoons, voice actors, loud dragon-themed toys, drunk Shnazzys, AND MORE! Hosts: Joe Wilson Bonk Shnazzy…

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Episode 106 – Snake Killed Dundleglor

Hi! Welcome to the Cartoonimation Show Beard Off! We discuss the greatest and most iconic beards in animation. Join us as we stroke our voices through the facial hairs of Master Shi Fu, Ice King, Old Man McGucket, Merlin and many…

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Episode 105 – Eye Sounds

Feast your ears upon our episode all about animated music videos! We cover some popular music vids by artists such as Caravan Palace, Gorillaz, Blur, Studio Killers and many more! Feel free to check out the videos mentioned in this…

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Episode 104 – Unexpected Specter Inspectors

HellOOooOoOOOo! Welcome to our haunted episode that’s full of ghostly ghost characters that are sure to spook the pee right out of you. We cover all of the most memorable phantoms in animation and we also somehow get on the…

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Spoilercast #4 – The Venture Bros.

It’s spoilercast time again! This episode is dedicated to The Venture Bros. and the awesomely absurd universe surrounding them. GO TEAM VENTURE! Hosts: Joe Wilson Bonk Shnazzy Music: Intro: No Vacancy (Venture Bros. Theme) by J.G. Thirlwell Break: Jacket by Shallow Gravy Outro: Tuff…

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Episode 103 – Voice Actor Special #3

In this episode, we finally bring back the long awaited return of the voice actor special and discuss the works of Pamela Adlon and Billy West. Hosts: Joe Wilson Tristan Reinecke Bonk Eric Silvermech Pixie Music: Intro: Bankshot by Operation…

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